‎"While actions may have some consequences, inactions may have even more." ~ Martin Rooney



    There is a tale of a Scottish warrior named Macbeth. After a great battle he was intrigued by an idea that he would be king one day. This idea came from a prophesy. When he returned home his wife was infused by the idea and supported it. Before Macbeth knew it he was knee deep ...

  • Get Better, Stay on Track

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    Get Better, Stay on Track

      The first “smartphone” was developed by IBM in 1992. It was limited to calls, calendar, and the rest of the basics but nevertheless revolutionized the industry. Nokia evolved it in 1996 but the industry really took off in the early 2000′s with all kinds of styles and capabilities. Flip phone, touch screen, etc. Smartphones ...

  • My Take On Protein Powder

    My Take On Protein Powder

    The protein powder phenomena has reached to every corner of the country. Body builders, triathletes, and the stay at home parent alike are consuming protein powder for one reason or another. Protein powder is a practical alternative to food when one is on the run, or after a workout and it is one supplement I ...

  • Fat Loss- Part 1

    Fat Loss- Part 1

    Get Strong → Move Fast →Burn Fat → Feel Great → More Energy →  Look Great → Self-confidence ↑ = UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES In the event that this article turns into a rant, I apologize… The purpose of this post  is to give you some basic knowledge about my process of achieving fat loss. I can’t overstate my distain for fad diets and fad ...

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain

    I just watched the new Training For Warriors video for probably the 20th time. I get filled with the same inspiration that I felt when I first met Martin Rooney 3 years ago. I wanted to extend a personal commentary about the TFW lifestyle to you so you can see it through my eyes. Martin ...